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Since its release in 2014, Henry Hutcheson’s book, The Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business, has received a significant amount of attention and praise from critics and industry professionals alike. Below, you will find links to some of the many articles that have been published which discuss Henry’s book and the insightful information it presents.

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I have owned my landscape and maintenance business for forty two years. during this time I got married, had children and invited hem to come and work for me. Once they were employed I had to figure out how to keep my children of 25 and 28 years of age employed without upsetting more tenured and productive employees. After reading Dirty Little Secrets I realized that I was not helping employee morale or my children by allowing them to remain here. It was a difficult decision, but the book helped me open the doors for my children’s exit. When it comes to family business and how we manage our families involvement is difficult for all involved. DLS guided me through a tuff decision.
Besides the help above DLS was a fun read that kept my attention through out its pages.

Michael Accad:
About 30 years ago, my father’s family business went through very tumultuous times which could have largely been avoided if the family members involved had had access to the counsel that the book provides.

I found this book very informative and useful for several reasons:

1) Many business advice books have a good central argument that is presented in the first chapter or two, and the rest of the pages are just repetitious or simply filler. This book provides very clear practical advice chapter by chapter, covering all aspects pertinent to family businesses. There is essentially no redundancy, so I found myself learning things until the last page.

2) Although the advice in the book stands on its own, the book makes a very compelling case for family businesses to periodically seek the services of a family business consultant. It is very hard for the founding leader or team to objectively appraise all aspects of the business, particularly since family relationships add layers of subjectivity that can cloud one’s judgment. The book will be extremely useful before meeting with the consultant, as it provides an inventory of potential challenges that the business owners and management team can reflect upon.

3) While relationship issues between family members immediately come to mind when we think about family business challenges, they are by no means the only kinds of problems. I found the chapter on getting contingency plans in order (chapter 5) and the one about deciding if family business is the right model for the future (Chapter 7) particularly interesting.

4) The style is very direct and the chapters are interspersed with interviews of experts, first-hand testimonies, and other real life experiences that make the book particularly easy and enjoyable.

Next in Line:
I have worked for a family business for the past thirty five years and we are now turning our company over to the third generation. I have read several books on the subject and found “Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business” to be among the best for several reasons. Many books are written about large wealthy families dealing with billion dollar estates where Henry Hutcheson’s book shows the average family business how to successfully transfer wealth from one generation to the next. He explains by examples of how families failed as well as succeeded throughout the book. He tells how to avoid normal pitfalls and also gives suggestions of when a family business should not continue.

Henry Hutcheson speaks from experience because he grew up in a well known family business that thrived in the 1970’s. He watched his own families mistakes and now shares his experience to families in need of help or guidance. Anyone who works for a family business should read the book several times as their business moves through different steps and transitions. Both younger and older generations will benefit as the book is short and easy to understand. I highly recommend the book and give it five stars.

Jeff Morey:
Henry gets family business. I know, because I grew up helping my dad publish his magazine for the garden center industry – and now I run it, along with my wife Cheryl, as well as the nation’s largest trade show and conference for garden retailers, the IGC Show. Henry understands the complexity that comes with going into the family business and assuring its long-term success. We featured him as a Keynote at the IGC Show this year, and he hit it out of the park. This book is a must for anybody on any “side” of a family biz. Family business can bring great joy – and many tears. This book will you help navigate through it all and help you maintain your sanity while doing so. Highly recommended. Jeff Morey, Publisher of IGC Magazine & Founder of the IGC Show

Dane Huffman:
Henry has a terrific grasp of the challenges family businesses face, and he writes with a clarity that makes for easy reading. The great thing about this book is he defines the concepts and gives concrete examples to illustrate the points. Some business books can seem overly academic and are hard to read. That’s not the case with this book at all. Henry has plenty of data to support his ideas, but he conveys the concepts in a conversational way that strengthens his message.