Our Unique Approach

The Family Business USA Approach

Personal Insight, Best Practices, Sustainable Results

At Family Business USA, our approach to family business consulting and management is personal, custom, collaborative, and independent, and we never hand your project off to another family business consulting firm. Being a single, consistent point of contact enables us to grasp the entirety of our clients’ situations, ensuring thoughtful, accurate solutions that promote the best chances for success.

Many solutions stemming from our family business consulting will require some outside input from professionals including CPAs, attorneys, financial planners, therapists, and insurance specialists. We are pleased to rely on our network of trusted consulting professionals, which enables us to bring in a best fit for the clients’ unique requirements. Although we make use of proven best practices, research, and personal experience, we understand that there is no “cookie-cutter” approach to family business consulting, so we carefully tailor our methodology to each unique scenario we address.