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Family Business Consulting

Family Business Consulting

Our work is focused on saving your business, strengthening your family, and maximizing your business’ chance for succession

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Insightful tips directly from one of the most experienced consultants in the business.

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What Makes
Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Experience the knowledge and business savvy of a working professional combined with the understanding and insight of a family man.

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Family Business USA – Family Business Consulting

Family Business USA is a specialized family business consulting firm, offering custom, personalized consulting services to help your family business find success.

Family business consulting is the art and science of helping a family business find the delicate balance between the unconditional love among family members and business professionalism among coworkers. Approximately 65% of family businesses fail, but those who seek outside consulting and guidance enjoy a much higher success rate.

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Family-Business-ConsultingAt Family Business USA, we understand that family business owners and staff members need the business to perform well to build wealth, but this must be achieved while also maintaining familial relationships. With 25 years of business management and business consulting experience, owner Henry Hutcheson has successfully helped families across the US and internationally in a broad range of industries through expert consulting services. Henry’s goal with every client is to help take their family relationships and the business to the next level together.

Our Family Business Services Include:

Henry’s consulting expertise comes from extensive experience with his own family’s business as well as years in international business management careers. He understands every facet of running a business and how to incorporate a family into making that business a success. With all of Family Business USA’s consulting, the focus is on learning how to make your family business successful and how to maintain that success for years to come.

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