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We care about your Family and your Business

Being in business with your family is delicate. Ensuring the business continues to be strong is extremely important- it is generating means, security, and wealth for the the family in the business, family outside the business, and employees. However, it is equally important to maintain good relationships with family members- money does not buy happiness, relationships do. However, the needs of the business and the needs of the family do not always match up. As such, the business and the family harmony can suffer.

Our goal is to help your family preserve the wealth being created by the business and maintain family harmony.

Family business consulting is the art and science of helping a family business find and maintain the delicate balance between the unconditional love among family members and need to drive the business forward. Because this balance can be difficult to attain, approximately 65% of family businesses fail before reaching a next generation, regardless of which generation it is. However, those family businesses that seek out education on best practices and employ them have a much higher success rate.

Family Business USA is a family business consulting firm that comes from its own family business, and is dedicated to helping family businesses succeed through our unique consulting approach. We recognize that every family and every company is different, so we are proud to custom tailor our family business consulting services to meet your unique needs. Our personal experience with family businesses and our history of success make us your ideal partner for the success of your family business. And unlike other consulting firms, we never delegate the engagements out to other “associates”, we do the work with the family business ourselves.

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