About Family Business USA

There are three areas that make Family Business USA different:

  1. Henry Hutcheson comes from two prominent family businesses: Peerless Woolen Mills and Olan Mills. So he has personally worked through the issues that come with being in a family business- transitioning and poor communication.
  2. Henry has a “Family” background having studied psychology. Half of the work in a family business has to do with the relationships with other family members and the issues surrounding those relationships. Parent-Child, Child-Parent, and Sibling relationships, and In-laws and Step family. The focus here is on improving communication and having the hard conversations. The goal is to maintain harmony
  3. Henry has a “Business” background as well. He was an executive with IBM for 20 years and has his MBA from Columbia University in Management

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While each of these alone is not unique...

…having all three is extremely rare. This is why Henry has been so successful working with family businesses for over 15 years.

Henry is also a Fellow in the Family Firm Institute, the governing body of professionals who work with family businesses.

Henry has also presented to industry and academic institutions around the country, has written for three newspapers and two magazines, has been quoted in Forbes, Fortune, and WSJ.

Finally, Henry is the author is the best-selling family business book: The Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business.

Henry has helped 100’s of family businesses preserve wealth and maintain harmony. He can help yours.

Henry has helped 100's of family businesses...just like yours

As well as serving on the Board of Directors for the Institute of Management Consultants, Henry is himself a Certified Management Consultant. Henry also serves on the regional board of the Society of Financial Services Professionals. He is a “Fellow” of the Family Firm Institute and is a Certified Family Business Consultant.

Henry is the Family Business Correspondent for multiple publications:

  • The Raleigh News & Observer
  • Nursery Retailer Magazine
  • The Charlotte Observer
  • The State Newspaper

He has been a noted contributor to:

  • Family Business Magazine
  • Fortune.com
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Forbes.com
  • Crain’s New York Business
  • Construction News

Additionally, Henry has spoken to countless groups across the world about subjects related to family businesses and family business dynamics. All of his presentations are engaging, educational, and fun. Some of the organizations he’s presented to include:

  • FabTech
  • Tulane University Family Business Center
  • Estate Planning Associations
  • Exit Planning Institute
  • National Conference of Independent Garden Centers
  • Paper Printing Association
  • Financial Planning Institute
  • Kingdom Business Forum
  • CPA Associations
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Family Business Center, Wake Forest University
  • Transportation Industry Associations
  • Sanitation Industry Associations
  • Dairy Associations

Consultants for Family Business

Henry Hutcheson, founder of Family Business USA, grew up in a family with two renowned family businesses: Olan Mills Portrait Studios on his mother’s side and Peerless Woolen Mill on his father’s side. His personal experience working in his own family business gave him first-hand knowledge of many of the challenges faced by family businesses and the families that operate them. The ability to empathize with his clients gives Henry a unique ability to engage with family members and deliver effective solutions.

As your family business partner, we’re here for you!