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Communication essential for family meetings

Working in a business is tough. Employees are trying to get ahead, develop their skills, and impress their boss. Most likely they are competing with a co-worker for advancement. At the same time, managers and owners are trying to develop…

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How to Fire your Dad with Henry Hutcheson

By Anne Fisher Carl Sutton—Getty Images Dear Annie: I had to laugh when I read Fortune’s recent piece about the awkwardness of having to fire a friend because while I’m sure that’s not easy, it’s a piece of cake compared to…

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How Family Business Consultants Help

Family businesses are extremely difficult. They are basically combining 2 opposite, but critical elements: Love and Money. We need relationships to be happy. When we are born we are by definition born into a family, which inherently loves you and…

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Importance of Hiring Family Business Consultant

family business consultants

Working with your family can be a rewarding and unique experience. Differences of opinion, arguments and heated debates are inevitable, but the stakes are higher when it’s a family business. You must carefully manage the challenges of a family business…

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CV-19 Help for smaller family businesses

With the passage of the $2T assistance package for CV-19, help is on the way for many businesses. Attached is a link to a NFID presentation giving all the details for help to smaller businesses.…

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