Speaking & Seminars

Henry Hutcheson, our experienced and highly-respected founder, is available for guest or keynote speaking and seminar engagements in all types of professional, corporate, and educational settings. Henry is a thought-leader in the family business consulting space and his unique insight is complemented by his ability to be engaging and informative. He is more than capable of presenting and speaking to all types of audiences on a wide range of topics related to family businesses.

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Family Business Seminars

No matter what type of industry you’re in, there are always people to listen to and learn from that can help solve family issues that are affecting your business. Our highly respected family business consultants are available to share their wisdom and insider knowledge at your event.

Our speakers have conducted seminars for organizations such as:

  • Shaw Industries
  • ISSA Association
  • The Tulane Family Business Center
  • The Wake Forest University Family Business Center
  • Dairy Associations
  • Transportation Associations
  • The Association of CPAs
  • The Estate Planning Association
  • Many Rotary Club Chapters
  • The National Conference of Independent Garden Centers
  • The Exit Planning Institute
  • Garden Centers of America
  • The Financial Planning Institution
  • Kingdom Business Forum

Family Business Keynote Speaker

Henry’s extensive and diverse experiences in the field of family business allow him to bring unique insights and advice to whatever sort of seminar or event you’re hosting. No matter the size, scope, or nature of your organization, he is pleased to lend his speaking services to discuss an array of topics for all types of audiences. Henry is knowledgeable, informed, experienced, and well-rehearsed, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a polished and talented public speaker who is good at what they do.

As your family business partner, we’re here for you!