Family Business Consulting Specializing in Difficult and Complex Family Business Issues and Succession
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Consulting Services for Family Businesses

We specialize in complex family business issues.

Most family businesses fail because two opposite but life critical elements are being combined: Love and Money. “Family” is about unquestionable love and support, and “Business” is about making money. We all need relationships to be happy, but we also require financial means to live our lives. The one does not require the other. Hence the difficulty of being in business with your family. At the same time, when it does go well, it is amazing.

Family Business USA has been helping family businesses communicate better and successfully transition their business to the next generation for over 15 years.

The secret to our success is that we truly care.

Conflict Avoidance and Resolution

Conflict Resolution

We will teach, and train, the entire family the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that will improve communication, build trust, and help avoid conflict. We know how because we have been there.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Multi-layered programs to prepare and groom the next generation, individually and as a team.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

We help you figure out the financial and legal aspects that work best for you and each family member.

Business Assessment

Business Assessment

We are business veterans who understand how to make a business function in a manner that generates profit and maintains harmony.

Speaking & Seminars

Speaking And Seminars

Edge of your seat, tear in your eye, entertaining, life changing seminars.



We provide interactive, educational, and fun workshops tailored to your family or group.

Folks who care about helping your family business succeed

There are two things in life: The need to support yourself and the need to be happy. Thus, we need to work, but we also want to spend time with our family and friends. There can be no greater joy than working with the people you love! However, just because you are family doesn’t mean you are a perfect fit for the business. All family businesses need some help.

Family Business USA comes from two family businesses and has helped hundreds of family businesses succeed.  Visit our blog for additional insights and updates. Check out our video page to see Family Business USA in action. Find answers to commonly asked questions in our FAQ section. You can even schedule a free business assessmentno strings attached.

As your family business partner, we’re here for you!