Conflict Resolution in Family Business

Working with your family can be challenging at times. Business is about making money, while family is about unconditional love and support. As is often the case, these two sentiments don’t always mix very well. When you work with people you love, you tend to neglect or avoid confronting them with poor business behavior – you don’t want to hurt their feelings. Then it builds up and explodes. At the same, family members are all equal in power, but in business they are not. As such, family members in business feel they are equal in a business setting, when many times they are not.

The good news is that all family businesses go through this, and so there are lots of methods and techniques that can be employed to get families communicating well and avoiding conflict.

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Managing Conflict in Family Businesses

A disagreement amongst family members should never derail your business. Resolving conflict within your own organization is always a delicate situation. When managing conflict in a family business, balancing the complicated emotions and expectations of each individual against the needs of the business as a whole can be extremely difficult and stressful. Some of the biggest problems we see when it comes to managing conflict in family business are as follows:

  • Managing Unexpected Behavior
  • Not Having Clearly Defined Roles
  • A Lack of Personal Responsibility
  • No Code of Conduct
  • Not Knowing How to Actively Listen
  • No Family Business Plans/Meetings
  • A Lack of Governance & Accountability
  • Poor Communication Practices
  • Unwillingness to Discipline Family

Family Business Conflict Resolution

We know managing conflict within your family business is not something you look forward to. Instead of trying to shoulder the burden of your family’s livelihood and happiness alone, let us help you. We can take away some of that unnecessary stress to help bring balance back to your home and work life. Our dedicated team of family business advisors has the experience and knowledge needed to help preserve wealth and maintain harmony within your family.

As your family business partner, we’re here for you!