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Hiring a Family Business Consultant?

Questions to ask when hiring a family business consultant By Henry Hutcheson June 22, 2013 (reprint from News & Observer) As a consultant to family businesses I am frequently asked, “What is a family business consultant?” While the simple answer…

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Women run family business

President Obama proclaimed in his recent State of the Union Address that “Women make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.” Interestingly, this dynamic may be less prevalent in family run businesses. Family businesses come in variety of different…

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Family Business Consultant, Henry Hutcheson, to teach course in Charlotte

Family Business Consultant, Family Business Colulmnist at the Charlotte Observer, and President of Family Business USA, Henry Hutcheson, will be teaching a Family Business Seminar at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Family Business class will meet…

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Family Business Consultant Radio Interview

Family Business Consultant Henry Hutcheson was interviewed by Talk Business 360 radio on the issues facing family owned businesses. Click below to have a listen:…

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Family Business Consultant posts over 100 Articles

Family business consultant,  Henry Hutcheson, President and Founder of Family Business USA, passes historic thresh hold in having over 100 family business articles published. “Anyone can write content on their website, or self-publish a book, but having external media seek…

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