How Family Business Consultants Help

Family businesses are extremely difficult. They are basically combining 2 opposite, but critical elements: Love and Money.

We need relationships to be happy. When we are born we are by definition born into a family, which inherently loves you and you love back. Why? Because you are related, you are all derivations of your parents and grandparents, and so on. You are more like your sibling or parent than anyone else from a DNA perspective. That is why we inherently support our family members without question. You can break of a relationship with a friend or significant other, but your family is always your family.

But we also need money to get by in life. We either work for ourselves or someone else. And most people are in business in one way or another. The point of being is business is singular- make money. But how do we accomplish this? It is not a given. There are picky customers, aggressive competitors, supply issues, personnel issues, economic issues, etc.

  • Just because you love someone does not mean you can effectively work well together to make money.

A family business consultant, at a minimum, is trained and experienced as a Therapist and Business Coach, but most importantly at the intersection of those two points. The purpose of which is to help the family business work through the many issues they encounter along the way: communication, succession planning, leadership development, governance, ownership planning.

One of the truly impactful benefits is merely getting an outside, but knowledgeable and experienced perspective. A family business consultant is not on any one family member’s side, but rather on everyone’s side. As such, when there are differences of opinions in the family business, a family business consultant can explain what has been successful in the past for other family businesses.

Moreover, when there is conflict or arguments or poor communication, a family business consultant can with with the family members to work through the issues to get to a mutual understanding.

Family Business USA does all of this and would love to help. We care.

As your family business partner, we’re here for you!