Family Business USA

Introducing Family Business USA.

While I have been consulting to family businesses for quite some time, and of course have personal familiarity with family businesses through my own family’s business, my articles in the News & Observer have generated a lot of activity from family businesses in the Carolinas. As such, we have constructed this entity to cater to you, the family business North Carolina and family business South Carolina.

With that said, our work is certainly not contained to the Carolinas. We travel to clients all over the country, and internationally, to help them work through family business succession planning and issues, improve communication, and enhance business performance.

If you are new to this site and are unfamiliar with the family business articles published in the News & Observer, just do a search for “Henry Hutcheson News & Observer”, or go to this link:

I look forward to placing additional information here in the future. And as always, please keep your questions coming!


As your family business partner, we’re here for you!